Reading groups and talks

2022 Fall

Every other Thursday from 3-4pm through Zoom. Please sign-up here for future readings.

Date Title Speaker/Discussant Other Links
24 November Tidyparse: Real-time Context Free Error Correction Breandan Considine slides
10 November Introduction to OpenRewrite Jonathan Schneider
27 October Code Translation with Compiler Representations Avinash Bhat slides
13 October Collaborative Coding with Large (and Larger) Language Model Jacob Austin slides
6 October CodeGeeX: A Multilingual Code Generative Model Justine Gehring

2022 Spring

Date Title Speaker/Discussant Other Links
10 May Saturated Transformers are Constant-Depth Threshold Circuits William Merrill slides
3 May A Systematic Evaluation of Large Language Models of Code Vincent Hellendoorn slides
26 April Quiver Geometry Taliesin Beynon slides
22 March Neural Software Analysis: Learning Developer Tools from Code Michael Pradel
8 March Competition-Level Code Generation with AlphaCode Dzmitry Bahdanau slides
22 February Learning Patterns from User Interfaces to Automate Software Engineering Tasks Kevin Moran
1 February Traceability Transformed: Generating more Accurate Links with Pre-Trained BERT Models Justine Gehring slides

2021 Fall

Date Title Speaker/Discussant Other Links
30 November Bug Detection & Repair with Machine Learning Miltos Allamanis slides
26 November A Logical Perspective on Program Synthesis and Neuro-Symbolic AI Sebastijan Dumančić
9 November Neurosymbolic Agents: A Proposal David Yu-Tung Hui
12 October Learning to Execute Programs with Instruction Pointer Attention Graph Neural Networks Justine Gehring slides
12 October Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code Disha Shrivastava
28 September Graphs for functional-style Python code Arnaud Bergeron
28 September Learning Structural Edits via Incremental Tree Transformations Breandan Considine slides
14 September Graph Attention Networks David Yu-Tung Hui slides

2021 Summer

Date Title Speaker/Discussant Other Links
17 August Graph-based, Self-Supervised Program Repair from Diagnostic Feedback Justine Gehring slides
3 August Program Synthesis with Pragmatic Communication David Yu-Tung Hui slides
20 July Thinking Like Transformers Breandan Considine slides
6 July Communicating Natural Programs to Humans and Machines Disha Shrivastava
22 June How could Neural Networks understand Programs? Justine Gehring slides
8 June Discovering Reinforcement Learning Algorithms David Yu-Tung Hui slides
11 May GraphCodeBERT: Code Representations with Data Flow Breandan Considine slides

2021 Spring

Date Title Speaker/Discussant Other Links
13 April Compositional Generalization via Neural-Symbolic Stack Machines Disha Shrivastava
30 March Neural Production Systems Breandan Considine
17 March Emergent Symbols through Binding in External Memory David Yu-Tung Hui
2 March Learning Compositional Rules via Neural Program Synthesis Disha Shrivastava
16 February Write, Execute, Assess: Program Synthesis with a REPL Breandan Considine